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3 Myths About DIY Screen Scratch Repair That Could Seriously Damage Your Phone


Cell phones have become an important accessory for most people in the modern world. You probably rely on your cell phone to communicate with others, check social media pages, make purchases, and provide entertainment. All of these tasks can be compromised if your phone's screen becomes scratched.

Before you attempt to repair a scratched screen yourself, take the time to familiarize yourself with some common myths regarding DIY scratch repair so that you can avoid causing even more damage to your phone screen in the future.

1. Toothpaste Will Eliminate Scratches

You may have heard that you can buff out scratches on your phone screen using toothpaste. If you try this DIY remedy, you could end up causing further damage to your screen.

Many toothpaste products contain abrasive particles that are meant to polish the teeth and help dislodge food particles. These abrasive particles can actually cause new scratches to form in the glass surface of your screen.

Take your phone to a professional for repairs, because attempting to use toothpaste could result in the need to invest in a completely new screen.

2. Baking Soda Paste Can Camouflage Scratches

Another myth regarding scratch repairs on phone screens is that the use of a baking soda paste will help camouflage any scratch. The premise is that the baking soda paste will fill in the scratch, helping to reduce the effect it has on your screen's display capabilities.

Making the choice to try a baking soda paste when fixing your phone screen could be disastrous. The moisture in the paste can cause irreparable damage to your phone screen, requiring a costly screen replacement instead of more affordable repairs.

3. A Banana Peel Can Erase Minor Scratches

One of the more interesting myths about DIY scratch repair techniques for a phone screen is the use of a banana peel to erase minor scratches. The idea is that the soft residue left on the inside of the peel will help to fill in the small cracks that appear as visible scratches on your phone screen.

Unfortunately, a ripe banana contains a lot of natural sugars that can leave your phone screen sticky. Rubbing a banana peel on your phone screen will not eliminate any scratches, it will just leave you with a sticky mess to clean up.

Don't make scratches on your phone screen worse by attempting to repair them at home. Let a professional handle your screen repairs to ensure your phone not only looks great, but continues to function properly as well. You can reach out to companies that offer iPhone repair services for more information.


24 February 2020